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Welcome to Scripted Design

An open-access course at the Masters Institute of Visual Cultures at AKV St Joost

This course has been run four times so far:

2024: in person only

2021: hybrid / podcast format 2020: podcast format

2020: in person / podcast hybrid

2019: in person only

More information All podcast episodes See 2019’s exhibition

Still from the film Network/Intersect, by Ollie Palmer. The image depicts a person wearing an orange wig on an escalator.

Still from Network/Intersect (dir. Ollie Palmer, 2016)

This course aims to immerse students in the processes and techniques of film-based visual storytelling, whilst introducing students to Oulipian-inspired constrained design processes.

The 2021 course is an 8-week podcast series, with 3 episodes per week, each containing guided exercises for you to do in your own time. All materials are open access and open source, so anybody is free to take the content of this course and use it in their own practice. Please note, students retain ownership and copyright of their own work.