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Welcome to Scripted Design 2024

An open-access course at the Masters Institute of Visual Cultures at AKV St Joost

Still from the film Time Frames, by Ollie Palmer.

Still from Time Frames (dir. Ollie Palmer, 2023)

This course aims to immerse students in the processes and techniques of film-based visual storytelling, whilst introducing students to Oulipian-inspired constrained design processes.

This course is open access and open source, so anybody is free to take the content and use it in their own practice. Students retain ownership and copyright of their own work.

Over the course of 5 classes, students make a series of short films, guided by rules that they create. Over time, both rules and films increase in length and complexity. The course is in-perrson, with structured creative exercises and homework outside of class. There is a supplementary podcast series with around 25 hours of content, if you enjoy the activities we do in class.

Anyone can access the podcasts and this website, but only student of Situated Design, Visual Culture, or Ecological Futures at MIVC can access in-person tuition, receive credits for taking the course, or be assessed. This module carries 3EC credits, and runs from 25 March until 6 May 2024. You must be enrolled to participate in these classes, and you will need to complete the exercises we do in class each week.


Supplementary podcast (>25 hours of content!)