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Class 07 | 22 Nov 2019

  1. Class activities
    1. Speed feedback
    2. Assessment information
      1. Marking criteria
    3. Exhibition planning  
  2. Keep working on…

Class activities

This was the last full class for this course! Next week we’ll just have individual tutorials. Keep an eye on your inbox for

Speed feedback

In class, we ran peer-to-peer speed-feedback sessions so that the wisdom of the class could be used to improve everyone’s work. The technique was:

  • Arrange the room so that people sit in pairs.
  • Run several 10-minute sessions:
    • Person A presents their work to person B for 2 minutes. Person B provides feedback about how to improve their work for 3 minutes.
    • Person A and B then swap, so that person B presents their work for 2 minutes, and person A provides feedback for 3 minutes.
    • Make sure to write the feedback down! There will be some great ideas that you might forget.
  • Keep running sessions until everyone has had feedback from 5 people.
⏲️ 2 mins ⏲️ 3 mins ⏲️ 2 mins ⏲️ 3 mins

Assessment information

We discussed the assessment that will take place on the 6th December. Details:

  • 6 December 2019, 13:00-17:30, same room as Class
  • Each student has 10 minutes, during which time they will graphically present their work (via a Powerpoint presentation or similar). They must present:
    • Their final edited daily video film / programme
    • 2-3 other videos they have made during this course (either individual or group work). When presenting films, they must present the rules they followed to make them.
  • Please note that the clarity with which you describe the rules you created (or which were given to you), and the impact this had on the decisions you made will be assessed.

Marking criteria

You’ll be awarded marks as follows:

  • 40% daily video film (your final edited version)
  • 40% other videos
  • 20% graphic and verbal presentation

Exhibition planning  

We discussed the exhibition at V2_ on 17 December. If you have any questions, please contact Leonardo, Yusuf, and Bregje, who have taken on the role of curators for this.

Keep working on…

  • Your daily videos, and editing your final daily video-video
  • Re-edit/shoot any films as necessary for your assessment
  • Making a nice graphic presentation to show your constraints and videos

Good luck over the next few weeks! 👍️