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The work of the students from this course was exhibited at V2_ Lab of the Unstable Media on 17 December 2019 in an exhibition entitled ‘Landscape Mode’ (named after the first constraint used on the course). The exhibition was curated by Bregje Horsten, Yusuf Deniz, and Leonardo Landoni.

LANDSCAPE MODE is a collective Film exhibition from the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AKV|St. Joost that will exhibit the output of a rule-based filming of moments that took place in the last 70 days.

“How can I film a different running subject every day?” and “How do I capture myself brushing my teeth every day in a different way?” are some of the personal questions that needed a daily answer while considering only one initial rule: “Keep it LANDSCAPE MODE

Daily videos

Students were asked to make a new short film every day, following a simple set of self-imposed constraints. At the end of the course, they then had to compile these videos into a single, coherent body of work. The videos below are the result of this process. All videos remain the copyright of their respective makers.

Robert: Throw something while filming, really?

A daily video of me throwing an object organized like a calendar.

Salvis: Portals

How can I film opening doors and walking in?

This work is about portals and how we tend to get stuck in motion from one place to the other. Every day we are opening many doors, but have you ever thought to pay a closer look, what doors do you open, what color they have, or simply, where are your doors located. Imagine if there were no doors, would that make things different?


My name is Salvis and I am multi-media artist, focused on sculptural artworks. In my practice I wonder from pagan to cyborg. I ask questions such as: How are we driven by instincts and does our own artworld is scripted by our subconscious?

Samieh: Darkness

How can I film the darkness and lightness according to my drawing every day?

St. Augustine once said: “We consider light as the lack of darkness, while everything that is dark is light. Not to clarify places and times in darkness is valuable, as much as the day.”

The perception of drawing and its effects is not simply figuring out how to depict objects. Research is needed to achieve how drawing can be impressive. It is my concern that What makes a drawing effective and How can I expand these effects into other media. accordingly I have made this experimental video based on my drawings.

I wrote a rule based on my drawing:

  • Every day at night I make a film from darkness and lightness movements.
  • My camera should be in black and white.


Samieh Shahcheraghi was born in 1992, Tehran, Iran. She completed a BA in “Theater Scene Design” at the “Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Center Branch” in 2017. Samieh is currently pursuing a master in visual culture and post contemporary practice at the master institute of visual culture AKVST.joost,(AVANS university of applied sciences),’s Hertogenbosch,Netherlanders.

Nick Bromann: 75 Days Out of My Bedroom Window

What is the first thing I see when I open my curtains every morning?

Every day for 75 days, I filmed a 10 second video out of my bedroom window, with the exact same framing. I attempt to capture the tedious day to day, the melancholy, and the boring sameness as time passes.


Nick is a first year masters student at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in Den Bosch. He is a graphic designer with an interest in the moving image, particularly slow cinema, and found footage works.

Soha Asadi: Today’s gonna be a good day!

How my day is gonna be like?

These daily videos are like a visual calendar for me. They help me to understand my feeling each day to deal with immigration depression. Now when I saw them, I remember I passed a lot of good and bad days.


Born 1994 in Tehran. Studied photography at Tehran technical complex and faculty of news in 2010 then continued in the field of commercial and art photography. Entered Art University of Tehran at 2015 to study Master of Photography. Accepted in Tehran-Dortmund project with the support of DAAD foundation in 2017. Currently studying Master of Visual Culture and Post Contemporary practice in the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AKV St Joost.

Bregje Horsten: Keep on running

How can I film a different running subject everyday?

I have made a daily and rule-based film that I have worked on for the past 70 days. My guiding question during filming was; How can I film a running subject every day? Of the 70 films that I took, an entire body of work was created. By collecting and editing the films I have made one cohesive impression of the entire process. A film impression that embodies the entire journey, the journey of continuously running.


Bregje Horsten (1981) graduated in 2004 from the AKV St.Joost art academy in Breda. She graduated with Honor in 2007 from the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg. She was a teacher at the athenaeum of 2College and the Art Academy for Visual Arts Tilburg. She is now following a Master of Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice at St.Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures. She has exhibitions in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad.

Yang Jiawen: Follow me!

Please follow me.


Yang Jiawen is a graphic designer who use images and design tool as communication language. Her practice often investigates the relationship between culture, design and social media, taking form of edition, infographic and motion graphic.


Chilled Winston: An Apple a Day Keeps the Winter-Blues Away

What does it mean to share an apple?

As part of a university assignment, we were asked to film any form of daily action without envisioning a final product. We decided to hand out an apple every day.

After two months of giving out apples, we came up with this short video as a little reminder to appreciate and share the little things in our lives.


Officially, Chilled Winston is a filming and Photography venture.

Practically, it is a representation of ourselves and our appreciation for life beyond screens and things.

It is through the absence of stuff that we understood this was our ambition; to share this unbelievable blue dot of ours and connect the people living on it, to inspire them to pursue their reason to be.

Farah Shretah: Scripted Brush

When you brush your teeth you think of many things, you reflect on your day
And sometimes you remember a song.
Would you think about a boring thing every day in a fun way?


My name is “Farah” which means “joy” in English, I always get inspired by my name, it’s fun to have a happy name :)
I am a filmmaker / actress.
My passion for ART reflects my passion for life, I find ART is the key for Love and Joy.
It hurts deep inside when we ignore our souls and stuck within our body needs, when we forget to look in each other’s eyes and communicate, life becomes subtitled by alien language difficult to understand. I believe that art can change the world and make it a better place. My aim is to touch a lot of people’s hearts and make it feel.


Yusuf Deniz: City in vanity

Which surroundings do I find comforting in the city?

This work shows the comfort and tranquility that I experience while walking in the city. By using reflection the city is seen from a different perspective. The perception and sense of reality of the spectator is being questioned. Often my work shows subjects about the temporality of matter. Transience, history and mythology plays an important role in my design process. I like to use the city as my canvas and highlight the qualities that these environments have to offer. By using these elements I hope to connect spectators.


Laura Hospes: Fossils

How can I film something visually striking everyday, while centring the subject?

The videowork ‘Fossils’ is the result of the quest to record something visually striking for 77 days in a row. As intuitive as the footage is taken, as rigid is the edit; every frame is overlapping the next. Edited on The Path of the Fossils by Ludovic Einaudi, the videowork guides you through beauty as seen by the artist.


Laura Hospes (1994) has been capturing her own self with the camera since the tender age of 16. Through self-portraiture she is able to feel and reflect on her emotions and on her identity. Hospes’ self-portraits won several prizes, are published in books and are exhibited both home and abroad